Mission Statement

Kid's World celebrates each child's potential during these crucial years of growth.  We understand the importance of meeting each child every day with open arms and a loving heart.  Our objective is to receive each child into an environment that is calm, secure and safe.  This gives children the opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, cognitively, and physically.  Close attention to the environment and curriculum allows children boundless growth during these vital years.  Each child's individuality is celebrated and supported.

We are dedicated to working with each child's individual needs and learning styles.  We want our center to be a place where your child can reach their potential; where we will challenge them, inspire them and instill in them a sense of wonder about the world around them.  We want to push past the boundaries of discovery for our children and create an environment that surpasses the norm.

Our staff embrace the importance of teaching children social skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.  When the child reaches out to be loved, comforted, included, welcomed, and cuddled it is at that moment that we must encircle them with compassion and love.  This is how we guide the child's treatment of others.  We want the children at Kid's World to grow up to be compassionate and understanding individuals who demonstrate empathy for their friends and the people around them. 

We are committed to constantly looking at ways we can make the experience better at Kid's World.  Continued education is a vital part of our organization; we understand that you must continually learn in order to grow professionally.  Our staff trains once a month in order to know the new laws from the state, the latest in early childhood development, health, and safety practices.  Our teacher's commitment and love for children is demonstrated each day by giving hours of personal time to these trainings.

Kid's World's goal is to continue to collaborate with other early childhood experts and organizations that share our commitment and passion for children.  Some of these organizations are the Texas School Ready!, the State Education Center for this area, Willis Independent School District, and the Houston Association of Early Childhood.