Staff Criminal History Checks

Kid's World has a state wide criminal history check done on each staff member prior to employment along with fingerprinting.  We also conduct at least two reference checks on the potential employee.  This ensures that we are aware and educated on our employees. Each employee has a working interview in the classroom prior to being officially hired.

Security Monitoring System

Our visual security monitoring system is in every classroom to ensure child safety.  We also have cameras located all around the perimeter to ensure that the center is safe.

Computerized Building Entry

To enter the building you must have the numerical code to get in.  You receive this code once your child has been registered with us.  This enables us to only grant access to family members. This also keeps any unexpected visitors out.  You will also be registered in our time clock with your fingerprint.  This is used to clock your child in and out each day and for us to be able to tell exactly who dropped off and picked up your child.

Daily Sign-In Sheets/ Check Out Policy

Each classroom has a daily sign-in sheet, this allows the teacher to manually check the child in and out of the classroom.  The teacher will only let the child leave with the parent or guardian.  If a friend or family member wants to pick up the child, the parent must first notify the office and the individual must be on the child's authorized pick-up list.  The individual must check in with the front office and show some form of photo identification, an administrator will then accompany him or her to the classroom.   This policy is in place to keep the children safe, our first priority.

Medical & Emergency Training For All Staff

All of our staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.  We also practice emergency drills monthly; such as fire drills and/or tornado drills.  Each classroom has a binder that contains each child's parent emergency information sheet.  The teachers carry these binders during monthly emergency drills and also on field trips. We have our Emergency Preparedness Plan posted. These are monitored daily, reviewed monthly, and updated regularly.

Fire Safety

Our center is equipped with a full fire detection system that is directly attached to the monitoring company and fire department. We also have a sprinkler system throughout the facility just in case!