Toddler Program (12months to 2 Years)

Toddlers are on the move and ready to explore. They are excited about each new day.  We provide an environment that is surrounded by new challenges and the teacher is there to encourage their eager investigation.  Activities include; art, circle time, finger play, songs, and stories to help develop the toddler's language and fine motor skills.   We use a thematic approach to our curriculum which helps the children expand their vocabulary.  The teacher's careful observation of each child encourages and supports the child's social skills.  The toddlers outside playground is covered by a tarp to ensure protection from the sun. This allows them to enjoy themselves outside while developing large motor skills.  We provide monthly lesson plans, daily sheets, and monthly newsletters to our parents to keep them informed of their child's daily activities.

Two Year Old Program

The emphasis of this age group is socialization and self-help skills.  The child is learning how  to go from individual to group interaction.  We work with the child on toileting, dressing, hand washing, and taking care of the environment.  A language rich setting helps the children begin to link written words to objects.  Colors, shapes, numbers, and letter recognition are included in this strong developmentally appropriate program.  Art and music are included every day.  Parents receive daily reports, lesson plans, and monthly newsletters to keep them informed and involved in their child's day.


The programs incorporate a different topic each month. The curriculum is coordinated specifically for their age. A detailed curriculum is posted in the classroom each month by the teacher. Repetition is a very important part of learning for this age group. Children have at least two art projects each day to help develop small muscle skills and creativity.