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Tuition & Nutrition

Tuition and Payment

Full amount is determined at the time of enrollment

Payment is done on a weekly or monthly basis

Monthly payments are due at the 1st of the month and weekly payments are due on Monday.

We allow a grace period for monthly payments until the 5th and weekly payments until Tuesday. A late fee of $15.00 will be applied to your child’s account if tuition is not paid by this time.

Our teachers’ salaries and all overhead is paid by your tuition, we depend on our parents to maintain a stable financial status. For this reason, if your account is not current by the beginning of the following week after the tuition is due we cannot admit your child in our care.

We do accept subsidized child care through Workforce Solutions in Conroe, TX for those families that qualify.

There is a registration fee of $55.00 that is due at the beginning of each school year in August or at the time you enroll your child.

The curriculum and supply fee is $65.00 and it is due in September and January for all children over the age of 2.

Food Service and menus

Well-balanced meals provide the food children need to grow, think, fight infection, and fuel their bodies. Kid’s World Learning Center is dedicated to seeing that each child has a nutritional breakfast, lunch, and snack during the day. We are enrolled in the Child and Adult Care Food Program with the state of Texas that provides guidelines for childcare centers to ensure the children are getting the nutrition their bodies require. Each family is asked to fill out a Child Care Enrollment Form and Child Nutrition Program Application Form that is required for us to participate in the Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Program.

Our menus are posted near the front door, in each classroom, and on the main page of our website. Enough food is prepared to provide seconds in entrees, vegetables, fruit, grains and milk or juice. Breakfast is served from 7:30am to 8:30am, lunch is served from 11:00am to 12:00pm and afternoon snack is served at 2:30pm – 3:00pm for the children that do not attend school. For the after-school children it is served from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Infants have their own schedule and we cater to their needs.

Children’s appetites vary from day to day depending on growth spurts, physical health and emotional concerns. We encourage but never force a child to eat or finish their food completely. The American Academy of Pediatrics affirms that since young children eat in small feedings and a child’s appetite and interest in food may vary from one meal or snack to the next, children need to be fed often. Snacks often become a significant part of a child’s daily food intake as a result of this.

Parents may provide lunch and snacks for their child to be served at Kid’s World. The child’s meal must be clearly labeled with instructions for serving. We must have a form filled out by the parents stating that they are choosing to provide the child’s meals and/or snacks. We ask that parents try to follow the same guidelines set by the USDA and CACFP so their child’s nutritional needs are being met.

Research has shown that 90% of fatal choking occurs in children younger than four years of age. Kid’s World does not allow certain foods that have been proven to be a risk for children. Please do not bring the following foods to be served: hot dogs sliced in rounds, whole grapes, hard candy, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chips, peanuts, popcorn, marshmallows, and chunks of meat larger than can be swallowed whole.

Kid’s World must have written notice from the child’s physician or registered dietitian addressing any special dietary requirements or food allergies. This record will be kept in the child’s file and a notice will be sent to the child’s teacher and the kitchen.

Safety & Security

Staff Criminal History Checks

Kid’s World has a state wide criminal history check done on each staff member prior to employment along with fingerprinting.  We also conduct at least two reference checks on the potential employee.  This ensures that we are aware and educated on our employees. Each employee has a working interview in the classroom prior to being officially hired.

Security Monitoring System

Our visual security monitoring system is in every classroom to ensure child safety.  We also have cameras located all around the perimeter to ensure that the center is safe.

Computerized Building Entry

To enter the building you must have the numerical code to get in. You receive this code once your child has been registered with us. This enables us to only grant access to family members. This also keeps any unexpected visitors out. You will also be registered in our time clock with your fingerprint. This is used to clock your child in and out each day and for us to be able to tell exactly who dropped off and picked up your child.

Daily Sign-In Sheets/ Check Out Policy

Each classroom has a daily sign-in sheet, this allows the teacher to manually check the child in and out of the classroom. The teacher will only let the child leave with the parent or guardian. If a friend or family member wants to pick up the child, the parent must first notify the office and the individual must be on the child’s authorized pick-up list. The individual must check in with the front office and show some form of photo identification, an administrator will then accompany him or her to the classroom. This policy is in place to keep the children safe, our first priority.

Medical & Emergency Training For All Staff

All of our staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.  We also practice emergency drills monthly; such as fire drills and/or tornado drills.  Each classroom has a binder that contains each child’s parent emergency information sheet.  The teachers carry these binders during monthly emergency drills and also on field trips. We have our Emergency Preparedness Plan posted. These are monitored daily, reviewed monthly, and updated regularly.

Fire Safety

Our center is equipped with a full fire detection system that is directly attached to the monitoring company and fire department. We also have a sprinkler system throughout the facility just in case!

Articles on Health Issues

WHAT CHILD CARE PROGRAMS SHOULD KNOW For more information follow the link to the Shine Yahoo Article
Health Alert
Confirmed case of the Measles in Houston! For more information follow the link to the Houston Chronicle Article
Water Safety Campaign
"Watch Kids Around Water" For more information follow the link to the State of Texas Health and Safety Article
Discounted Immunizations
If your child does not have Medicaid or private health insurance, you can get $10 immunizations at the Lone Star Family Health Center. You must bring a letter from us stating that your child needs the required immunizations and a record of all past immunizations. Please see the office for details.
Immunization Information
For more information regarding immunization requirements for child care centers please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services website


our reviews

Shelbi Craig
"Kid’s world was awesome for my kids. So many fun activities and trips and such caring teachers. Dance, gymnastics, swim and science! It’s clean and safe. I moved away and had to change schools but kid’s world gave my daughter an excellent foundation for when she started her new school in Houston. Would give 10 stars if I could. Kid’s world is a gem!"
Amanda Bond
"Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you for taking our boys in and treating them like family this year! You are appreciated!"
"My oldest went to this center years ago and even now I take my youngest (10 years later!!). The center is always looking for ways to improve the children’s learning experience and the staff is always caring! It is very clear the owner loves what she does and LOVES her “kids"."