Tuition and Payment


  • Full amount is determined at the time of enrollment
  • Payment is done on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Monthly payments are due at the 1st of the month and weekly payments are due on Monday. 
  • We allow a grace period for monthly payments until the 5th and weekly payments until Tuesday. A late fee of $15.00 will be applied to your child’s account if tuition is not paid by this time.
  • Our teachers salaries and all overhead is paid by your tuition, we depend on our parents to maintain a stable financial status. For this reason, if your account is not current by the beginning of the following week after the tuition is due we cannot admit your child in our care.
  • We do accept subsidized child care through Workforce Solutions in Conroe, TX for those families that qualify.

  • There is a registration fee of $55.00 that is due at the beginning of each school year in August or at the time you enroll your child.
  • The curriculum and supply fee is $65.00 and it is due in September and January for all children over the age of 2.

Please contact the center for current fees and tuition information.